11 of the Best Graduation Gifts by Katie's Goddess Line

Katherine Ziskind

Graduating is a huge accomplishment! And its important to be celebrated. For some this means having a Sunday brunch with every first, second, and third cousin around a table filled with laughter. For others, a simpler, low-key gathering may be preferable. Whether at the high school, college, or graduate level, a gift shows how proud you are of your graduate's monumental achievement. We understand you are on a budget and have your own set of bills, so we have organized a handy compilation of the 11 of the Best Graduation Gifts by Katie's Goddess Line. All of the gift set already have a 15% discount applied! We know you want to give them something special to show them how proud you are and there are tons of amazing gifts here at Katie's Goddess Line that are just as special as the graduate in your life.
Thinking back to my college graduation, I remember going to my favorite lunch spot, Cafe Sol, in my small town with a handful of aunts and uncles. I still remember the combination of emotions as it all sank in. Relief that I had managed to walk across the stage without tripping, anxiety about my upcoming graduate school coursework, sadness that I would no longer be in class with my nerdy psychology friends, and excitement to begin a new, more adult chapter in my life. As I chomped away on my romaine and smoked salmon salad, I thought back to my self-care practices. I couldn't have gotten through college without my yoga practice and teachers, self-massage with organic extra virgin coconut oil, and other soothing techniques. I used these to calm my mind in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep because I knew a major test was awaiting me in the next day. My college years were also a time when I dove head first into nutrition, ate organic, shopped at the local natural food coop, Fiddleheads, and began understanding the dangers of GMO's (genetically modified organisms), pesticides, artificial colors, and more. Katie's Goddess Line gifts not only nourish skin and promote longevity, but also encourage self-awareness, a life skill paramount to inner peace. 
Whether you have a limited budget or oodles of people to shop for, here are 11 of the Best Graduation Gifts by Katie's Goddess Line that your friends will actually love. Trust me on this one, I know because I've been there!

1. A Large Lavender and Rose Petal Pillow $26

Filled with lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, rose pedals, and rice these pillows offer rejuvenation to tired eyes as well as aromatherapy benefits. Technology and illuminated screens take up over twelve hours of the day, and that makes the back muscles tight. Whether your graduate is heading right into the work field or continuing onto graduate school, these pillows calm muscles from over stimulation. The low back can get really aggravated from sitting. I know that when I worked as a dietary aide in college, I was in a hot kitchen in a nursing home working double shifts back-to-back when I could. After my day, my upper back muscles would be in soooooo much pain. Just microwave the large pillow for 3 minutes and melt away any neck tension!  

2. Hang Loose Lavender Gift Set $50

Bath bombs are all the rage! Give the gift of inner peace and solstice! Our Hang Loose Lavender Gift Set will ease worries of the mind. Help your graduate let go of all the things in their life outside of their control and wash away any residual tension from their day. Let it go with Lavender! Lavender calms and relaxes the mind. Your graduate can catch a few more zzz's and feel refreshed for anything life throws their way.
Includes: 16 oz Silky Lavender Body Wash, Lavender Whipped Shea Creme, 2 oz Lavender Hair and Body Massage Oil, and Three Large Lavender varieties of Bath Bombs.  

3. Tropical Coconut Hair and Body Massage Oil $8

Sweetly calming, this Katie's Goddess Line Tropical Coconut Massage Oil is infused with nourishing castor oil and vitamin E sending the perfect message of self-care. Coconut oil has copious benefits to skin, nail, and hair health. This small 2 oz bottle makes a great gift or any gender or age and leaves the mind rejuvenated. TSA approved, so it can quickly be tossed into a carry-on for an abroad course to Paris or a family vacation. 

4. Live Forever Gift Set $120

No matter where life takes the recent graduate in your life~ to a new school, a new, unknown city across the country, or an entirely new continent for an abroad experience of a lifetime, I know you want to make sure they have absolutely with everything they need to remind them of your support. Give them the amazing, Katie's Goddess Line Live Forever Gift Set! Whether your graduate is headed on a redeye flight to check out the ruins in Lima, Peru or off to tackle the ins and outs of the corporate world in the heart of Manhattan, New York, they'll have everything they need to de-stress, let go after a busy day, and improve their self-care routine for success. 

5. 100 Mini Heart Bath Bombs $34

Even though they look just like conversations hearts and are the perfect size to fit in your pocket, we recommend bombing you bath with these mini orbs of moisturizing oils and all natural essential oils. Don't let your graduate head into the hustle and bustle of the real world without a bundle of bath bombs to enhance the benefits of a hot bath. Bath bombs also help to boost immune health and relax the mind and help promote a restful sleep when used before bed. Let your graduate feel truly cared for with this personal, thoughtful gift before embarking on the next adventure.

6. Fluoride Mint Chocolate Toothpaste $14

This is an absolute must if you want your graduate to continue to have a brain that works and remain intelligent! Fluoride is a neurotoxin. Let me repeat myself, because this is important. Forget what you think you know. Fluoride is a neurotoxin. It is TOXIC... causing brain fog, dementia, ADHD, autism, and cognitive decline, not to mention major issues with thyroid health, kidney and function. Yes, I said your heart... you only have one. Give the gift of lifetime overall health with Katie's Goddess Line Mint Chocolate Toothpaste! Perfect for those who love Thin Mint Cookies! So yummy!

7. Glamorous Gift Set $60

If you know a fashionista female or have friends in this category of glam, send them off with the absolute best graduation gift they will talk about for years to come. Our Glamorous Gift Set says, "You're beautiful!" and reminds your graduate beauty comes from the inside out! I make 100% all natural, vegan friendly items, so you are teaching your graduate what they put on their skin matters. Commercial Shea lotions and creams only have 2-4% real Shea. Mine has 99% Shea as well as organic extra virgin coconut oil, castor oil, and essential oils. Teaching self-care is the best gift they could ever ask for! Give this magnificent kit for pampering!

8. Confident Woman Gift Set $94

The only thing graduates want to do when they're done with school is take some time off and relax. However, as a female, I know we have to work twice as hard for only half the pay a male would receive in the same position. Get our Confident Woman Gift Set to encourage growth on a personal level as well as on a business and career level. Help your female graduate reach their goals with some Katie's Goddess Line all natural wellness products. An amazing gift for any grad looking to unwind and to deeply reflect upon all they've accomplished.

    This collection features 8 oz Citrus Dream Hair and Body Massage Oil, 8 oz Tropical Coconut Hair and Body Massage Oil, 2 oz Woodland Escape Hair and Body Massage Oil, 2 oz Peppermint Hair and Body Massage Oil, 2 oz Lavender Hair and Body Massage Oil, Citrus Dream Whipped Shea, and three medium and five small assorted bath bombs.


      9. Skin-Softening Snickerdoodle Sugar Scrub $11

      On a budget, but want to give the best give possible? Look no more. School may be over, but always looking clean for attractive is still important. Give the gift of Skin-Softening Snickerdoodle Sugar Scrub, which moisturizes and exfoliates removing dead skin cells. This can be used before a hot date on the face for a youthful, long-lasting glow, or on the whole body- even on the feet after along day of standing or dancing! A perfect gift for those with sensitive skin, this and all of our products are free from chemicals and skin irritants. 

      10. Purple Swirls Adult Lavender and Rose Petal Eye Pillow $12

      The weight of the eye pillow is the perfect amount of acupressure needed by the eyes to revitalize and freshen vision, making it a perfect gift to see the the journey ahead! :) 

      11. Emotionally Balancing Gift Set $69

      Make your special graduate feel entirely beautiful from head to toe and vibrant on all levels with the Katie's Goddess Line Emotionally Balancing Gift Set. Oils are filled with refreshing balsam fir and rosemary that can ease mind pain, calm racing thoughts, and promote a restful sleep. Every graduate feels like they are coming off a roller coaster of the most intense courses of their life, heavy-duty essays, and balancing peer relationships. You graduate is craving emotional balance! Rosemary is known to break up congestion as well. Gifts don't get much more grounding and supportive than this!
      Includes Woodland Escape Whipped Shea Creme, Woodland Escape Skin-Softening Sugar Scrub, 8 oz Woodland Escape Hair and Body Massage Oil, and Seven Small Rosemary Lemon Bath Bombs.

      Namaste, Katie


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