Fluoride Education: It is Carcinogenic and Toxic

Katherine Ziskind

Let's begin with some amazing & major points:

1. Your body is responding correctly to the environmental stimulus or stress. Your body is doing a great job.

2. Everything in your body is interconnected. Nothing works in isolation. The organ systems are interdependent. We are a system of interconnected systems of even smaller systems.

3. Fluoride is classified as a pollutant rather than as a nutrient or medicine. It is carcinogenic (directly linked to cancer) and toxic. No fluoride deficiency disease has ever been documented for humans.

Let's look at what is going on inside your body:

It is a myth that we have been told fluoride is what protects teeth from cavities. This is a LIE. It is bogus to think that water flowing over your teeth as you drink it will magically prevent cavities. Right now do this. Drink a sip of water. How long did that take? All of .25 seconds. It did not contact the deep pits of your teeth. Drinking water with fluoride does not improve oral health, it diminishes your overall health significantly and accumulates in your brain. Fluoride causes hyper & hypothyroidism as well as dementia. Our American society is over flushed with fluoride and low in iodine. You may say, "Table salt has iodine." The iodine in salt is un-absorbable, so highly processed, and filled with anti-caking agents that you should not use table salt. Rather, use Himalayan salt or Hawaiian charcoal salt and have some seaweed.

Lugol's elemental iodine supplement is a great way to add iodine into your life. We used to have crops that were iodized. Long ago, agriculturally, we had soil that was rich and packed densely with nutrients. Now people eat Standard American food and fruits and veggies are mass produced in soil that barley has any nutrients left. Local farmers still use crop rotation, so shop local when you can. All the plant matter form the year before prepares the soil for the next season's crop. Natural compost is great for increasing mineral counts in farming. We need and absorb these minerals. With low minerals in the soil, there are higher rates of crop disease and therefore human disease.

The hypothalamus, in your brain, regulates the interplay between the thyroid and adrenals. When you are in a high stress mode, your adrenals are over worked. Your nervous system responds simply when you think about a stressful event- yes, it is your perception of stress that stresses you out. When your adrenals get over worked it causes adrenal fatigue. Think about the last time you worked a super long day or even exercised and went all out. You needed sleep that night in order to recover for your next day and subsequent responsibilities. When you are over stressed, you adrenals never that that full night of sleep.

You could be diagnosed with a number of hormone dysfunctions that really mean you have a thyroid issue including low testosterone, low estrogen, low progesterone, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, fibroid formations, high blood pressure, & high cholesterol. High cholesterol and low energy are NOT a reason to take medication. That is a reason to get your thyroid checked by a corrective chiropractor and work to restore your natural health by removing fluoride and stress.

A little science lesson:

Your thyroid uses iodine to make T3 (thyroid plus three molecules of iodine) and T4 (thyroid plus four molecules of iodine). When there is no iodine, you can't make these vitally important components. Iodine is part of the grouping of elements called halides, which all look similar. Bromine, fluoride, chloride, and iodine are all halides. Bromine is used in mass production of bread and messes up your thyroid. They are are similar in shape. Your thyroid tries to make T3 and T4 with these broken puzzle pieces.

Think of working on a 1000 piece puzzle and trying to put the mismatched pieces together. When there is no or low iodine and an over prevalence of fluoride, your thyroid tries to use the fluoride like iodine because it looks so similar. The fluoride gets drawn into your brain and clogs up your brain preventing the majorly important process called brain placking. Brain placking is  like your brain doing it's laundry- its throws out the old, washes and cleans itself, and then is all ready to go. It rewires neurons and gets stronger. When you are exposed to fluoride, your brain can't do brain placking. The inability to do brain palcking leads to dementia. I recently watched a TED talk where a neuropsychologist showed brain scans of people in their 20's. He could determine, simply by looking at their brain placking, who would get dementia in their elderly years. Memory loss and dementia are not a natural part of aging. Fluoride builds up in your brain, so from childhood for 50 years, your brain can't function or heal itself properly. There noticeable difference in brain placking of participants who are in their 20's. Those who don't have brain placking available get dementia. Dementia begins in your early 20's.

Since the thyroid is using iodine to build T3 and T4, and the thyroid can't work with fluoride, even though it is trying very hard to do so- you get hypothyroidism when T3 is high and T4 is low. Think of a dysfunctional couple relationship (I'm a marriage and family therapist in addition to making Katie's Goddess Line products). One partner is yelling relentlessly at the other. In the same way, T3 basically screams and yells at T4. T3 is doing all the talking and T4 is doing nothing. You are given a drug which is mainly T4.

What tells your pituitary gland to work?

Your hypothalamus. The hypothalamus influences the functions of temperature regulation, food consumption, when you are hungry or full, thirst and water intake, sleep cycle and wake patterns, emotional behavior, and even memory! Your pituitary gland, in your brain, reacts to stimulus and stress. The hypothalamus sends a signal to the pituitary gland, the pituitary gland can suppress or raise thyroid or adrenals function. Remember: If you're stressed: your adrenals are over functioning and thyroid is low.

Dive deeper into the science of hormones.

The pituitary gland produces seven important hormones: human growth hormone (hGH), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), prolactin (PRL), adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), and melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH). Each of these hormones works on special receptors in the body to stimulate specific glands and tissues.

Remember how your beautiful body works together?

Bow down to the master: the pituitary. Your pituitary is your "master" gland because it controls your whole hormone (endocrine) system in conjunction with the hypothalamus. The thyroid gland, ovaries, testes, mammary glands, and the cortex of the adrenal glands are all stimulated by the hormones of the pituitary. The hypothalamus releases thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH- thyroid stimulating hormone) and gonadotropic-releasing hormone (GnRH), which stimulate the pituitary to release TSH, FSH, and LH. Inhibiting hormones, such as growth hormone-inhibiting hormone (GHIH), prevent the secretion of hormones hGH and TSH. Overall, everything works together and it's absolutely amazing.

Adrenal medication tricks the body into thinking that the thyroid is working correctly. The adrenals back down- when you think about it, all your hormones that your adrenals make for you daily, the ones that protect you from cancers and keep you healthy, can't be produced. Taking adrenal medication leads to adrenal fatigue. It is seriously an endless cycle of dysfunction with medication.

Lets look at he source within.

Western American doctors do not understand this system. And I bet you didn't either!

Over 75% of US cities have water with fluoride in it, no wonder everyone has memory loss at later stages in life. Most people lose their teeth due to gum disease, which is an infection. You can easily use a water pick or floss or iodine flush to prevent gum disease. A friend recommended: "How to Save Your Teeth with Toxic Free Preventative Dentistry."

Commercial toothpaste has fluoride, which you want to avoid.

On the back, the active ingredient is sodium fluoride. Warning: Keep out of reach of children under six years of ago. If more than a pea-sized amount, the amount you typically use for brushing, is consumed, get medical help and contact poison control. In other words, if you ingested more than a pea-sized amount, you have swallowed toxins. Medical help right away... it is pretty bad. There is disclaimer that children must be supervised while brushing. Now, they are not going to be swallowing their toothbrushes... the supervision is to ensure they do not swallow the toxins are they using to brush. You should never put this in any part of your body anyway! Not to mention the sodium laurel sulfate- that will be for another blog entry!

I Bet You Didn't Know Facts:

In 1939, Frary and Cox, heads of the aluminum industry in America, suggested that fluoride be added to the water. Frary was very concerned that the fluoride pollution around his aluminum plants would have negative health effects on the employees and workers there. Cox came up with the idea to research and market fluoride for dental care. In 1945, fluoride was put into the water supply. The Mellon Institute, where Frary and Cox worked, was also a leading defender of using asbestos and denied all health problems reported from exposure. For many years, The Mellon Institute produced and formulated research that said mesothelioma was not caused by asbestos. We sadly know differently as many people have lost their lives from asbestos. Asbestos exposure is now proven to be carcinogenic.

Aluminum is also a direct link to dementia and a number of health and wellness issues -which will be in another blog!

In WWII, Hitler fluoridated the the water. One of the side effects of fluoride is pinneal gland hardening. Your pinneal gland is your spiritual connection, your psychiatric ability, and is enlarged in those who meditate regularly. In WII, the Nazis used fluoride as a "compliance chemical" to make the people docile, go along side with suggestions, and be more obedient. In 1954, a researcher published a paper releasing this information. Hitler dreamed of a world that he dominated. "This plan was to control the population in any given area with mass medication of fluoride in drinking water supply." In WWII, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent role. It is never okay or legal to take medication that is not prescribed. However, it is totally okay to distribute  fluoride via mass medication in public water without a regulated dose.

Recommended Dose?

Furthermore, since it is now known that the effect of fluoride is topical, so the notion of a "recommended" or “adequate daily intake” is flawed. One of the key concerns about water fluoridation is the inability to control an individual's dose of ingested fluoride which brings into question the concept of the “optimal dose.” Daily consumption is "recommended" to be one part per million in water supply, but water also makes soda, juice, and irrigates crops. "Recommended" is in quotes because fluoride is not essential to our health in any way and causes many problems. One part per million quickly increases to 4-5 parts per million, which is the dose used to sedate prisoners of war.

Since we are unable to control or measure the dose an individual receives, children are exposed to and ingest massive loads above the "recommended" dose.  In the USA, a study in Iowa found that 90% of 3-month-olds consumed over their recommended upper limits, with some babies ingesting over 6 mg of fluoride daily, above what the Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization say is safe to avoid crippling skeletal fluorosis. Another recent study noted that in the UK, fluoride concentrations found in freshly brewed tea in restaurants (from the use of fluoridated water) exceed the recommended daily intake of 4 mg/day. Other researchers reported that with fluoride in the water, it is impossible to measure everyone is getting the same the amount, and overexposure to this carcinogen is unavoidable. A 70 kg or 155 pound adult consuming five cups of tea daily is ingesting 210% more than the recommended dose when brewing tea using water that is fluoridated.

As a result of pesticide, herbicide, and chemical contamination of foods, groundwater poisoning, and deliberate contamination of our drinking water, we are taking in much more than the “recommended” amount of fluoride every day. It is literally in almost everything we eat and drink. Fluoride added to our drinking water is a waste by-product from industrial manufacturing, including aluminum and fertilizer. Drugs like Prozac and Zoloft are not being cleaned from our waste water. Therefore, they end up streams as well as drinking water. Their is no consideration of the impact fluoride has on other psychiatric medication people are already taking.

Do other countries besides America add fluoride to water?

Even though America seems to be adamant about fluoride regardless that 50% of the country has cancer alone, a number of countries including Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland halted the process of fluoridating their water supplies due to hazards regarding safety and effectiveness. At this time, it is estimated that approximately 5% of the world's population, 350 million people (including 200 million Americans) consume artificially fluoridated water globally. Only eight countries, Malaysia, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, and Ireland, artificially fluoridate their water. Fluoride exposure increases tooth decay and cavities (dental caries) risk in malnourished children due to calcium depletion and deficient enamel. Also, children up to age twelve who ingest too much fluoride get dental fluorosis, where teeth become irreversibly and severely damaged, disfigured, and permanently yellow and blotchy.

In terms of psychiatric medication:

Prozac, for depression, is 90% fluoride. There are different forms of fluoride, the most common type used to fluoridate our public water is fluorosilicic acid, a by-product of phosphate fertilizer manufactures. This is different than what is in toothpaste, on floss, and mouthwash, which is sodium fluoride. Prozac not only contains fluoride, Prozac is fluoride. Fluoxetine is the only ingredient in Prozac and fluoxetine is a form of fluoride.

Issues directly linked to fluoride:

Allergies, tooth formation issues and discoloration, brain issues (dementia), tumors, cancers, gastrointestinal problems, bone problems, auto immune diseases, pinneal gland hardening, thyroid problems.

What can you do to have amazing health & teeth:

Improve your lifestyle-related factors such as:

Eat all organic leafy green veggies such as collards, kale, spinach, romaine, bok choy, tatsoi, rainbow and Swiss chard. Magnesium is so vital for calcium absorption. The calcium in plants is more bio-available, meaning your body can actually absorb it and use it. Plus, there are other phyto-nutrients, enzymes, pre-biotics, fiber, vitamin K, magnesium, and calcium in unity. Malnutrition including calcium and magnesium deficiency is a major reason for oral and tooth issues.

Have adequate saliva flow- Get off medications that cause dry mouth

Have good oral hygiene. Brush and floss without fluoride. Use Katie's Goddess Line Toothpaste.

Drink and use fluoride free water. The three types of filters that can remove fluoride are reverse osmosis, deionizers (which use ion-exchange resins), and activated alumina. By contrast, “activated carbon” filters (for example, Brita & Pur) do not remove fluoride. If you are considering purchasing a filter that uses deionization, make sure that it uses an “ion exchange resin.” If it does not use an ion exchange resin, it will not remove the fluoride. Go for spring water or of course, well water. Since most bottled water is derived from fresh surface water sources, it is not surprising to find that the levels in bottled water are generally very low, averaging 0.12 ppm. For bottled water, the average fluoride ranges between 0.04mg/L and 0.62 mg/L. A third way to avoid fluoride from the tap is to purchase a distillation unit. For US residents, check to see if your city fluoridates your water here.

Avoid soda, sugary drinks.

Other reading materials: Cancer: Step Outside The Box

Peckham, S., & Awofeso, N. (2014). Water Fluoridation: A Critical Review of the Physiological Effects of Ingested Fluoride as a Public Health Intervention. The Scientific World Journal, 2014, 293019.

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