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Katherine Ziskind

I'm an avid food-prepper (if that's even a word)... I prepare my food like there's no tomorrow. This past Friday, just before jumping into my car and heading off to a hot yoga class taught by one of my favorite teachers, Lindsey Quinn, at Zen and Now, I made homemade bread! Technically, I stared it. I rummaged through my backing drawer in my small apartment. Just to give you a preface, this drawer is packed with King Aruthur Flour, a couple kinds of Nestle chips, pure vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder, organic whole wheat flour, sprouted organic whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, chickpea flour, gluten-free flour, wheat bran (for my mom's amazing Irish Brown Bread recipe), and more. For this recipe, I used the organic whole wheat, sprouted, and buckwheat, along with some sugar, yeast, Himalayan salt, and water. No oil... FYI store bought bread is packed with processed, seriously hydrogenated, cancerous oil (not to freak you out or anything, ha). So I was rolling the massive dough ball out on the counter and was struck in a panic when I realized I was out of cornmeal! -Perfect for dusting the pans with, so the bread doesn't sick... but I used some flour and it was alright. So after yoga, I baked them up. My oven is basic a.k.a. small, so they baked separately.

The first loaf was so yummy right when it was warm and fresh out of the oven. The second loaf, on the other hand... well, I got to talking on the phone... and forgot about the timer going off... and it was "crispy"... charred, a tad burnt. But bring the creative, pioneer of crunchy cooking (no pun intended ha) and goddess that I am, I put my mind to work thinking of innovative ways to use burnt homemade, sprouted, whole wheat, and buckwheat flour bread. Yessssss to real fiber and nutrients...hehe

The food prep ritual on the weekends keeps me sane for the new, full-time job I just started. I used this burnt loaf for a makeshift casserole, which turned out to be most-delicious! After going to a yoga class Sunday morning, at Pradipika in Clinton, and trying a new teacher, who I absolutely loved, I food prepped. I knew the bread needed moisture and something to soften it from its current granite like consistency. I took my boyfriend's grandpa's casserole pan, that we forgot to return after taking home the brownies at Christmas (its June now ha), and dabbled butter, layered some burnt bread, added a bag of organic frozen berries, a chopped granny smith apple (organic, of course, because they are on the dirty dozen ya'll), some turkey I had shucked off the bond and frozen, and lastly another layer of bread. Oh yea... almost forgot, with the turkey, I smothered it in some pumpkin butter I picked up when I was in Tennessee (for a take on Thanksgiving!). I put little bits of butter on the top and sealed it with tin foil before putting it in the oven. And- it totally worked! Have you ever watched the show, Chopped? Omg, it was the best show ever before Netflix took it off. I felt like I was on the show and omg it was amazing!

Here I am at work, waiting for my clients (I'm a drug and alcohol counselor) to arrive, so I can test their breath and urine and do a little group. I just had one of the "Turkey Dinner" meals I prepped and it was so filling, delicious, and literally sweet, tangy, salty, and chewy. So... I encourage you to tap into your Goddess energy, and get creative- even if you think you may fail- or even if you failed before (like I did with the bread). You can always pick yourself up and start again. Even though I burn the life out of my labor-intensive homemade bread, it all worked out. I have to give credit to my yoga practice, but it gives me the ability to connect to my creative spiedey powers hehe. Look at your life- I'm sure there is an area where you say, "Now that's an epic fail." I challenge you to reframe for the positive, step away from the black and white thinking, and forgive yourself for the dirty laundry you have on your line (because everyone has dirty laundry and burnt bread)! P

Put on your new favorite song (it boost mood just thinking about it) and get to being your sassy, explorative self where there is not right or wrong- just adventures, self-love, and of course... self-care! A song for you: Biscuits by Kacey Musgraves :) When you start to feel down or blue (like Piscaso), or negative, just focus on where you shine. Name three things that have gone well for you today... like this:

1. I woke up alive... 2. I have clothes on my body... 3. I am safe.... If you are reading this, you probably have those three things, and like me, that means you have a ton to be grateful fro and you are very privileged :) Rock on my Goddesses! There's nothing to stop you, but your own mind. You are a Devine Goddess!


P.S. Email me or comment if you want the recipes!

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