Stressed To The Max? Can't Sleep? You deserve to be relaxed and happy.

Tired, hot eyes? Stressed To Your Max? Have a Headache?

Can’t Sleep?

An herbal eye pillow is just the thing you need!
Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and improve the depth and quality of your sleep!
Eye pillows may be placed over the eyes for five to ten minutes or moved to the forehead when longer periods of time are desired. Being made of rice and herbs, your eye pillows cannot be machine-washed, so simply spot clean if needed.
With the soothing weight of the rice and the relaxing scent of lavender, you can rest and rejuvenate to your heart's content. In addition, these pillows are so quick and easy to bring about your much dreamed about relaxation, you can rest assured they will put you to sleep in a jiffy. DSC01765.JPG
Saga of Mike
My friend at work, Mike, who is also a counselor, has trouble sleeping. On a daily basis, and in a friendly way, we debate the controversial topics including: Do vaccines and fluoride cause autism and alzheimer's? For every passionate and full fledged disagreement, we also share laughter. Over lunch with the other five people we work with, he recently shared that he can’t seem to fall asleep until 2 am and then wakes up at 4am daily and can’t get back to sleep. If your story is like Mike’s, then you need an incredible, lavender and rice pillow. Don’t end up like Mike. He is also about to have a baby, so he needs all the sleep he can get, and so do you! Check out our selection here.  
Lavender Benefits
Insomnia Management - Migraine Relief - Eases Menstrual Cramps - Improves Circulation - Anti-Bacterial - Anti-Microbial - Clears Sinuses - Ease Gas and Indigestion - Balances Mood - Reduces Mild Anxiety -
Goodnight, Moon
When I was a little child, I had a border around the perimeter of my room that was a big red barn with a big red silo, and a couple barn animals. This cute epitome of a peaceful, rural countryside was repeated as it wrapped around my walls. I loved looking at my farm border as I listened to my mom read “Goodnight, Moon” among other bedtimes stories I had picked out. As a child, I absolutely hated going to sleep. I always wondered why people had to sleep. Even as I grew up through middle and high school, I felt like going to sleep was extremely difficult, far more so for me than my sister and other people. Now as an adult, with my knowledge of holistic, healing, herbal scents and relaxation, going to bed is much easier. And, I look forward to it! With the use of my lavender and rose petal pillows, I learned that sleeping doesn’t have to be so hard. Easy, Fast, International Shipping for all products including Child’s Size Eye Pillows, view here.
The Science of Your Brain
The scent of these exclusive organic herbs pass through your blood-brain barrier to instantly reduce stress hormones, reduce cortisol, and soothe your soul and mind. Let me break this down: Tiny itsy bitsy molecules can pass through the blood brain barrier. Think of making macaroni, like my boyfriend, Jesse, does this often because he is Italian and eats it like it is going out of style. And he makes a delicious, secret-recipe, red sauce that he calls “gravy.” So, when the pasta is done, he pours it into a strainer. The water runshes down the sink and the pasta is held in the strainer. Likewise, the molecules of essential oils and the scent of herbs are so small that they pass right on through your blood-brain barrier. That is why they have such an amazing, healing aroma. The only way for something to smell so good is that they can permeate it. Therefore, essential oils and herbs become basic and fundamental aids in healing not only physical ailments, but also emotional imbalances.
Body Pillows
The weight of your body pillow is the perfect amount of acupressure needed by your eyes and body to revitalize and freshen vision, as well as improve circulation to areas of pain, thus improving healing. Some common properties of eye pillows include relief of irritated, itchy, and burning eyes caused by overexposure to television and sitting in front of computer screens. Not to mention the low back, neck, and digestive pain caused by forward head syndrome from being hunched over ten hours a day. Buy here.
All sizes of pillows sedate your nerves, relax and rejuvenate your mind, and balance your body. Particularly therapeutic, try freezing your eye pillow, which helps reduce tension headaches, migraines, and hot flashes. Seriously: I’ve had a multitude of customers report that their hot flashes and migraines of menopause have been significantly reduced due to frozen body pillows! (In-Stock Patterns ship next day & Custom patterns ready in 3-4 days). Other benefits include calming riled nerves, melancholy, and mild depression, relieving headaches, aching muscles, inflammation, and balancing and uplifting mood. Our eye pillows have antibacterial properties as well, so you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty.
Menstrual Cramps
Warm or hot water is usually better for cramps, but who wants to deal with a hot water bottle leaking everywhere. Plus, they don’t stay hot very long, they don’t have a soothing herbal blend specifically formulated for pain relief and relaxation, and they are tiny compared to Katie’s Goddess Line luxurious body pillows. A hot Katie’s Goddess Line body pillow increases blood flow to your skin and relaxes tight, cramped muscles. Using aromatherapy and heat together have the most effective benefits for pain alleviation. One study published in 2001 in Evidence-Based Nursing found that topically applied heat was more effective than ibuprofen for period cramps. Another review of studies published in March 2014 in the Journal of Physiotherapy found that heat reduced women’s period pain significantly. Take your heat to the next level with herbs of lavender, rose petals, chamomile, and lemon balm!
The Basics
Lavender Pillow Ingredients: Lavender, lavender essential oil, chamomile, rose petals, and rice. Nothing fake or toxic.
Eye Pillows: Microwave for 30 seconds.
Body Pillows: Microwave for three minutes.
Tons of fabrics and patterns!
For How Long Do They Smell?
The scent of lavender never wears out because I put dried organic herbs inside along with essential oil.
Customer Reviews
"I have bought two Lavender Pillows, one of which I use at Savasana (Yoga resting pose) which I absolutely love. I also use the Lavender pillow at nighttime to ease myself into sleep. Katie has also made a Lavender Sugar Scrub for me which is wonderful, as well as the Lavender Body Lotion. Both of these skin products are fabulous for hydrating dry skin."  -Jillian, Niantic, Connecticut
"I brought Katie's eye pillows with me to Kripalu, and used them for Savasana at the end of the yoga classes.  I loved smelling the wonderfully blended herbs while relaxing and meditating.  They also felt very cooling and soothing on my eyes.  I ended up using them in my room as well, just to relax between activities, and loved how refreshed I felt after."  -Danielle, Waterford, Connecticut
"I like my eye pillow in the chavasana time of yoga. Smelling the lavender really helps me relax. Sometimes I use an eye pillow that is provided by the yoga studio that does not have lavender in it and I notice a huge difference. I like the darkness it creates on my eyes and the weight of the rice along with the lavender. My two and a half year old grandchild loves her child-sized eye pillow. After we read bedtime stories and the night light is on, she likes to put her lavender eye pillow over her eyes. I'm glad she is learning now about the relaxing benefits of lavender because so she can have the knowledge for her whole life." -Jody, Niantic, Connecticut

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