What is Shea?

What is Shea? I believe it has been sent down by the angels and ancient gurus along side baby unicorns and cute kitties and is just blossoming with amazingness shielding you in love, harmony, and positivity!

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But for real... This is a natural wellness product that NEEDS to be on your shelf and a part of your daily self-care routine. Shea comes from Africa and is a very labor intensive butter. Below is a woman processing the shea by hand, in Burkina Faso on the West Coast of Africa. Shea is a huge part of African culture and economy. 

Do you eat peanut butter? Shea is just like it! It is a nut too! This is by far one of the most well known nut butters, well I guess technically the peanut is not really a nut, but a bean/legume. Some brands like Jiffy and Skippy use HYDROGENATED OIL, which is directly linked to heart disease. What is this? It is oil that has been infused with hydrogen to make the peanut butter solid at room temperature, the oil will not separate to the top (like in organic and natural peanut butters)... but is absolutely horrible for you! It is trans fat. You want HEALTHY, REAL fats that are unprocessed and not denatured into cancerous fats. In this case, unprocessed is very important. On the back of the peanut butter container you are about to buy, PAUSE AND READ the label! On the back, you will find Nutrition Facts and an Ingredient List. Look for "Ingredients: Peanuts." Salt is optional. 

My favorite is homemade nut butter, and yessss it is labor intensive...but what creative project isn't (haha)! I do a big batch twice a year and love making my own homemade nut butter. First I goto the local food co-op, Fiddleheads, and buy my organic nuts in bulk. I add hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds along with pecans, peanuts, cashews, and brazil nuts (Omg its soooo good)! I roast my variety of nuts! But, I digress. My Whipped Shea Butter is incredible and it just so happens that it is also a nut butter! You always want what you put on your skin to be edible because your skin is your largest organ. Everything you put on your skin will be absorbed in some way.

In famine, people would eat shea because it is so high in nourishing fats. Do you ever hear of people eating lotion from Stop and Shop or your local food store? No. On the back of your chemical-lotion, it clearly says, if even a pea-sized amount is ingested, call poison control. So, why in the world would you ever put that on your skin?! Or let your children use that? If you can't eat it, don't put it anywhere near your skin. 

Shea pronounced like the awesome pop country band name Dan & "Shay." Yes, I have submissed... I love country music and I recently started line dancing lessons! But, anyway, there are three kinds of shea: ivory, white and yellow. I use Grade A+ ivory shea from Africa. White is highly processed, bleached, and refined and as a result depleted from all of its nutrients. Similarly, I only use organic extra virgin coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil is highly processed, refined, and depleted with only a mere faction of the nourishing benefits.  

There are grades of shea from A to F. I ONLY use Grade A+ raw, ivory, unprocessed shea. Shea has massive loads of vitamin E, which is proven to promote longevity and has anti-aging benefits. It penetrates your skin so easily unlike chemical moisturizers that have harsh additives, artificial dyes, and cause cancer. Shea will not clog pores! It stimulates collagen production, an important protein our skin produces that decreases as we age, which helps prevent wrinkles. It gives nourishment back to your skin and is fast absorbing. Apply shea before you goto sleep and wake up with the softest skin you've ever had! It is thick and melty giving amazing suppleness to your skin. Due to the copious healing properties, shea is a natural cure for eczema and psoriasis and naturally allergy-friendly. People with the most sensitive of skin can use it without worries! Psoriasis is an immune issue- WHY? Because we are exposed to WAY TOO MANY toxins in life. I only use 100% real, raw, unprocessed Grade A+ shea! Click the picture below to link to our Glamorous Gift Set!

Our immune system works properly, but we are flooding our precious and sensitive bodies with genotoxins. Now you may ask, "What is a genotoxin?" A genotoxin is a chemical that is FDA approved to be put in food products and skin care products (yes, they are in food too) that drastically changes the way your DNA replicates causing mutations, causing CANCER. Pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, anti-biotics, fertilizers, plastics, and styrofoam are also toxic. See this video for more. I highly recommend watching and subscribing to the John Bergman and Dr. Mike Channel on YouTube.

My products are free from the following harmful carcinogens and genotoxins that are typically found in generic skin care (I would like to call them skin and immune system damaging) products: Fragrances, Disodium EDTA, BHT, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-t-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Cyclopentasiloxane, and Artificial Dyes. Fun Fact: Cyclopentasiloxane causes uterine and ovarian tumors. Imge if this warning was put on the front of the bottles! Ha.

If you are a cancer survivor or have cancer, you NEED TO SWITCH over to all natural everything in terms of skin care as well as organic food. If you know someone who is a survivor or has recently been diagnosed with cancer, buy them a gift from Katie's Goddess Line and share the love with them! Click the pic to see a Katie's Goddess Line collection that rejuvenates your precious skin and promotes longevity, in addition to soothing your mind from your go-go-go lifestyle!

Guess how many people in the US have cancer right now... 45% ( WHY? Cancer cells are created by genetic mutations... now you just learned about genotoxins, which are in your food and skin products and cause genetic mutations. Cancer is a genetic mutation. Look at what you are putting in and on yourself, my friend! It is an absolute lie when people say, "We don't know the cure for cancer." It is called PROACTIVE INTERVENTION and self-awareness. Cancer is preventable. Take your health into your own hands. Question what you have been told. Switch to Katie's Goddess Line products are you'll watch your whole body, mind, and spirit do a 360. Your health will be revitalized simply by decreasing your exposure to toxins. I make over 30 gift bundles with Katie's Goddess Line Whipped Shea Creme! Click the picture of the Shea Tree to check out the Emotionally Balancing Gift Set with Earth Tones of Balsam Fir and Rosemary infused Shea! 

Shea comes from the shea tree, more technically known as Vitellaria Paradoxa. Ivory (light beige) shea and yellow shea have equal healing properties. The yellow shea has a yellow root included. Ivory shea has a milder scent and lighter tone because it is boiled for longer than yellow shea. Yellow shea has the shea root included and as a result has a more shea-y, nutty scent. Click on the photo below of yellow shea to link to the Katie's Goddess Line Hydration Gift Set!

When I get shea, its a brick. It is dense and hard. When I open the package, the shea is smooth and creamy, but solid at the same time. I use my 28 year old Kitchen Aid. My parents received it for their wedding. They are now divorced, but this Kitchen Aid has and is currently going strong. This machine is amazing! I whip the shea from brick form into soft, fluffy butter for 20 minutes. Yes, on high, seed 10 for 20 minutes, occasionally stopping to scrape the sides. A little goes a long way- your Katie's Goddess Line Shea may last you six months!! It is well worth the price and makes a great gift.

Here are some benefits, pro tips, ideas, and uses for Stupendous, Sensual, Sensitive-Skin-Safe Shea!

    • Rejuvenate and moisturize your skin

    • Heals and cures dandruff

    • Use under and around your eyes for its anti-aging properties

    • Prevents nose bleeds by oiling the nostrils

    • Nasal decongestant- Use your pinky finger or q-tip gently up your nose

    • Softens and makes hair healthier

    • Want great hair like this guy!? Condition hair your hair with Whipped Shea Creme by Katie's Goddess Line! For a link to our Skin Care Gift Set, all of which will also nourish and condition your hair, click on the photo below!

  • Soothes itchiness on your skin

  • Cures eczema and psoriasis

  • Heals athletes foot 

  • Use as a make-up remover

  • Use on your eye lashes for growth, length, and overall eyelash health

  • Massage your heels before you goto bed, put fuzzy socks on and sleep

  • Improves scalp health

  • Treatment from dry skin and is good for sensitive skin 

  • Helps heal minor burns

  • Relaxes muscles and decreases tension and stiffness

  • Rich in vitamins A, E & F

  • Nail care, improves hang nails and cuticles 

  • Heals acne without clogging pores

  • Evens skin tone and completion

  • Thinking of someone who could benefit from Shea's amazing, healing properties. Check out the Katie's Goddess Line Sunshine Gift Set by clicking on the picture below!

  • Treats and lightens dark spots due to sun damage

  • Helps prevent and heal stretch marks, blemishes, wrinkles, and discoloration

  • Fights the effects of aging 

  • Use as a massage cream or body buttah!

  • Diaper rash cream

  • Use on eye lids before using eye shadow to make the color pop!

  • Lip moisturizer or use before applying lipstick- I make Refreshing Peppermint Whipped Shea Creme that would be amazing on your lips!

  • Intimate lubricant (here only use the free from essential oils version)- its okay if some gets ingested. Shea honors the natural pH of your special area. Our Tropical Coconut Hair and Body Massage Oil is great for this use too. Commercial lubricants can cause yeast infections. Just stick with real oils!

Does not expire, but store in a cool place- In hot weather, your shea may become liquid above 80+ degrees and solid again in cooler temperatures... because it is REAL! 

Namaste, Katie

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