You Are Missing Out If You Don’t Have The New Summer Scent: Rainkissed Love

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You Are Missing Out If You Don’t Have The New Summer Scent: Rainkissed Love

This exceptional blend of rose, ylang ylang, and jasmine essential oil has incredible benefits to your mind and body. Did you know that true, unadulterated rose essential oil is made through the steam distillation of its petals. Fun Fact: It takes about 12,000 petals to product only 5 ml of rose essential oil! That is approximately 480 roses. Due to the soothing and comforting aromatic effects of the concentrated flower power, you recieve a host of benefits. Katie’s Goddess Line Rainkissed Love is a limited edition summer scent, and the sensual oil of rose makes it the perfect back rub cream for your date night.

Katie’s Goddess Line Rainkissed Love moisturizes your skin, reduces the appearance of blemishes and imperfections, promotes an even skin complexion, tone, and healthy glow, and is emotionally uplifting and comforting. Fast, Insured, International Shipping. Shop Now at

Love More

This special blend of essential oils opens the heart, not only stabilizing hormones and heart rate, but also supports the energetic opening of giving and receiving love. Using this blend increases your spiritual connection, invites compassion, happiness, joy, love, and even supports you when you are in a place where you need to deal with your fears related to having your heart broken in the past. It heals hard-heartedness, rigidity, and can help relationships with oneself and others bringing more love into your life.

Popular Uses For Rainkissed Love Whipped Shea Creme

  1. Apply a pea sized amount to your face, neck, and collar bones.
  2. Apply a small amount directly to scars, scabs, cuts, eczema, psoriasis, or any imperfection twice a day.
  3. Use a spoon to scoop out one tablespoon and microwave in a mug for a few seconds until liquid. Massage your skin with warm oil to sleep better at night.
  4. Rainkissed Love benefits the lymphatic system. Consider massaging your hands to your armpits and chest as well as your belly and inner thighs.
  5. Apply to the hands and inhale the aroma afterwards.
  6. Run a hot bath. Drop one tablespoon under the hot bath water for glowing skin.
  7. Massage into the soles of your feet daily for peace, relaxation, and stress-relief.
  8. Massage your temples and rub your ears when feeling lonely.

Why Should You Choose Whipped Shea?

True shea is very difficult to find. In most cases, you will find a poor quality shea, no more than 1% real shea, mixed in with alcohols, parabens, and other junk. Katie’s Goddess Line Whipped Shea is made from 100% Real, Grade A+ Unprocessed, Raw, Ivory Shea. Read below for a detailed explanation of Shea Butter.

Grades Of Shea

Shea Butter comes in different grades: Grade A; Grade B; Grade C; Grade D or Grade F. Certified Premium Grade A is the highest and best quality for the Personal Care Industry. The American Shea Butter Institute (ASBI) writes, “It is extremely important to understand that the only means of determining the Grade, quality and safety of Shea butter is comprehensive lab tests and analysis.”

Key Desirable Ingredients

  • Cinnamic acid;
  • Sterols;
  • Bioactive;
  • Vitamins;
  • Essential Fatty acids; and,
  • Vitamin E

The ASBI Notes-

Grade A contains an abundance (exceptionally highest amount) of bioactive nutrients, will passes a rigorous safety screen, and shelf life studies confirms a stability greater than one year. This is the only grade Katie’s Goddess Line uses.

Grade B contains a moderate level of bioactive nutrients, passes a rigorous safety screen, and shelf life studies confirms stability greater than one year.

Grade C contains a low level of bioactive nutrients, passes a rigorous safety screen, and shelf life studies confirms stability greater than one year.

Grade D Any Shea Butter that passes a rigorous safety screen, but has a shelf life less than one year, automatically receives the of Grade of D. Because Grade D has a commercial life of only a few months, the highest level of bioactive nutrients will not increase the commercial life and commercial value or of the product.

Grade F Shea Butter contaminated with undesirable ingredients, or contaminated with ingredients that may be harmful to the health and wellbeing of the consumer will fail the safety screen. Any Shea Butter that does not pass the safety screen is not fit for human use; Such Shea Butter receives a quality score of Grade F.

Undesirable Ingredients



High Peroxide;

High Free fatty Acids;

High Iron;


Lead; and,


Sometimes you will hear the terms cosmetic grade and edible grade.

Both are simply refined Shea Butter referred to by another name. When laboratory analysis is performed on cosmetic grades and edible grades both earn the grade of C. In famine and times of starvation, people eat shea because it is to high in essential fats.

Refined Vs. Unrefined

Refined Shea Butter, unlike unrefined Shea Butter, contains one or more of the chemical preservatives to give a shelf life of 18 months or more.The natural preservatives, including Vitamin E, in unrefined Shea Butter are removed at the time of refining.

Myth About Organic Shea

More recently the term organic shea or organic grade Shea Butter can be heard in the market. All shea butter is organic! Don’t fall for paying more because it is labeled organic. The tree grows without human assistance.

Be careful with those who promote certified organic Shea Butter. They are either fraudulent or do not understand the Shea tree and its exposure in the wild. This caution also applies to those with the so-called USDA Certified Organic, or even seriously fraudulent FDA Certified Organic Shea Butter.

Incredible Personal Care Product

Unrefined Shea Butter is in a unique class, as a stand-alone, incredible personal care product. When ASBI surveyed 463 regular users of Certified Premium Grade A Shea Butter-

The top 10 treatable conditions are:

1.Dry Skin;

2.Eczema cream;

3.Blemish cream;

4.For Softer Smoother skin;

5.For Burns and burn gel;

6.Wrinkles Reduction cream;

7.Dry Hair;

8.Shaving cream;

9.Anti-itch cream; and,

10.Skin Abrasions.

Shea is now popping up everywhere in malls and commercial retailers. However, not all Shea Butter is created equal. There are distinct advantages to choosing Katie’s Goddess Line Whipped Shea Creme. Nothing is more irritating than dry, cracked, rough skin. Change your legacy by reducing the chemicals you're exposed to and your children will be healthier too. Become a self-care junkie and a Goddess of confidence who has gorgeous, glowing skin! Shop Now.

Namaste, Katie

A special thanks to ASBI for their detailed explanation of shea butter. All information was obtained from ASBI. ASBI RESERVES ALL RIGHTS. SHEA TECH CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE ©2001-2012

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