You'll Love 'Em

Au Naturel is the exquisite look many women desire, but few attain. Foundations get caked on, which clogs pores and leads to acne. Make up can enhance natural beauty that is already exemplified by glowing, smooth, and balanced skin and healthy hair and nails as well as balanced mood. To work on these areas, we've complied the ultimate Katie's Goddess Line package for you. We know you'll love 'em.

1. Lavender and Rose Petal Pillows 

Goal: To achieve mental relaxation and emotional grounding.

Instructions: Ever find yourself ruminating on an worry? All that energy that looks like a hamster running around a wheel leads to the unfortunate, faster aging. Heat your eye pillows for 30 seconds and large pillows for three to four minutes in the microwave. Gently rest over your tight muscles and waft the scent of lavender, rose petals, chamomile, and lemon balm. 

When I first made these pillows, I went out, found some cute fabric, and began sewing. I heated my pillow and rested it on my belly. At that time, I had been working out quite a bit and my hip flexors and quads were really sore. The heat was so relaxing, my mind and emotions felt incredibly grounded, and calm peace. Soon my boyfriend wanted one! I made his with an outer space pattern of fabric as he love astrophotography. 

2. Snickerdoodle Nightly Exfoliating Face Scrub

Goal: End up with well-exfoliated, soft-as-silk, smooth skin.

Instructions: Apply a small amount of scrub to dry or wet skin and massage gently in a circular motion. Use gentle, circular motions along your jaw line, releasing tension and held-on-to stress. Avoid the eye area. However, it can feel so soothing to make circles on your temples. Between your eye brows, wash away any mental stress with the patterns of your fingers. Rinse face well, feel the smooth texture, and pat dry. Simply do so, you are improving collagen production, warding off wrinkles, and improving elasticity of your skin. 

No matter how tightly you tie loose ends and no matter how hard you work, you can use some down time. I guarantee you will feel waves of decompression from using sugar scrub on your face. I love making this part of my nightly routine with my Snickerdoodle one! It is highly recommended if you are a perfectionist to try this treatment!

3. Rainkissed Love Whipped Shea Creme Body Butter

Goal: To calm dry, sensitive skin and heal ezcema.

Instructions: Start with a pea-sized amount of Whipped Shea. Massage over your face, your whole body, and any affected areas. Imagine this cream as a gift of nature that can change the quality, health, and texture of your skin, simply from a daily application.

When skin is itchy, you have eczema or psoriasis, we tend to find our skin the enemy. Really thought, our skin is our friend. The application takes no longer than a few minutes for a whole body massage, and I can tell you, the benefits last through the whole day. The pleasant sensations all over create consistency, self-respect, and emanate self-care.

5. Autumn Harvest Bath Bomb Body Soak

Goal: Smooth, moisturized, and revitalize skin. 

Instructions: Unwrap your bath bomb. Right away, you'll be wafting the chai-like scent of cinnamon, ansie, and cloves. Add to your bath.

Like many people living in rented accommodation, I have a small bath tub. My knees are sticking out of the water or my torso and upper body are out of the water. What I do have though are bath bombs, which despite this size tub, I take three to five bath a week. Bath bombs take my bath to the next level and I love the Autumn Scent. Even if you don't have a bath, modify by using your bomb for a 20-minute foot soak that smells fantastic. Watch Netflix and have a glass of wine while enjoying this -- a good night indeed. 

It left my skin, as promised, feeling surprisingly smooth, visibly glowing, and I felt as though I was walking on sunshine. An unexpected side-effect was immense relaxation, so good for my mind. Climb in with a book and ignore the world for an hour or two. A roaring success!

6. Lavender Bliss Room Spray 

Goal: Deep, continuously sleep through the whole night. 

Instructions: Shake gently and spritz my pillow before bed. Fade into the best dreams ever. 

After using sleeping medication has always weirded me out. I feel soothed by the lavender spray and safe knowing that it is all natural. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I smell the lavender, and fall back asleep as fast as the speed of light. 

After a few days, my mind was acclimated to the lavender and I began to really look forward to how the scent made me feel - like all stress was released, my bones got heavy on my cozy bed, and I woke up with less muscle tension and cramps then before.