Lavender Lover Gift Set - Whipped Shea & Spray - Feel Refreshed All Day - For Soft, Radiant Hands, Feet, & Skin - Luxurious, Creamy Body Butter - Heals Cuts, Burns, & Wrinkles - Anti-Aging - Aromatherapy - For Inner Peace - Promotes a Restful Sleep

Katie's Goddess Line

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Lavender Lover Gift Set - Whipped Shea & Spray - Feel Refreshed All Day - For Soft, Radiant Hands, Feet, & Skin - Luxurious, Creamy Body Butter - Heals Cuts, Burns, & Wrinkles - Anti-Aging - Aromatherapy - For Inner Peace - Promotes a Restful Sleep

Gift your special someone this exclusive, Katie's Goddess Line Lavender Lover Gift Set. The healing, aromatic benefits of lavender essential oil not only calm your mind after a long day simply through the scent, but also the topical application eliminates nervous tension, relieves pain, disinfects the scalp and skin, enhances blood circulation and flow, and treats respiratory problems. Whipped Shea has a number of uses. From evening foot rubs for dry feet to a scalp rub for a restful sleep to another common and popular use, your full-body massage, Lavender Whipped Shea will be envied by all. Pairing perfectly with the creme, spritz your pillow and bed sheets with Lavender Bliss Room Spray to help you sleep through the night, have a deeper, more restful sleep, and to awake completely well-rested and rejuvenated. 

Includes: 8 oz Whipped Shea Creme and 16 oz Lavender Bliss Room Spray


"Katie's Goddess Line Whipped Shea Creme is literally the BEST moisturizer I have ever used. The quality of shea butter is unmatched and I love the citrus essential oils that give it a fresh and zesty aroma! I highly recommend it (and all the varieties) to all!"  -Tricia McAvoy, New London, CT

"I have used other nourishing scrubs before, but this one leaves my skin so smooth and soft without oiling up my bathtub! With others I had to clean the tub before I could shower without slipping! Also the scent is clean and subtle, not heavy. I love it, love it, love it!!!"  – Maura H.

"Love it! I have used the citrus whipped shea cream and I love it!!! I even use it on my face. My whole body feels so much softer and moisturized! I'm going to buying some for Christmas presents. Thank you so much!"  – Mary A

"I love Katie's Goddess Line Products and use the shea cremes everyday. My personal favorites are lavender and Rain Kissed Love but they're all great. At night I use the eyelash serum and I am positive that I'm seeing results. The shea cremes are moisturizing and smell wonderful. I'm a happy repeat customer." -Donna B, Niantic, CT

"Dale said his dentist commented on much reduced plaque and easier cleaning since he switched to your toothpaste!!"  -Maura, West Hartford, CT

“If you’re trying to go more natural and lower your exposure to chemicals, while still pampering yourself with yummy quality products, then look no further!  I’ve used Katie’s sugar scrub, shea cream and eye pillow, and all are wonderful.  It feels great to use 100% natural, handmade products with ingredients you recognize and feel good about.  Use the sugar scrub before shaving your legs…you’ll be amazed!”  -Julie M, Old Lyme, CT

"I have purchased many items from Katie's Goddess Line and have fallen in love with all of them. Her body massage oils are amazing and perfect to use of my knees and ankles at the end of the day. I work long hours on my feet and these massage oils have been lifesavers. My other favorite is the amazing Shea Butter- it is so fresh and full of wonderful ingredients that make my skin so happy and soft! I recently ordered the Clean Mint toothpaste & a bath bomb and beyond excited to use them!! This line of Wellness products is like no other. Not only are the products made with quality and care but they truly make a difference to your body and mind. Not to mention the satisfaction of supporting a local small business that accommodates each individual customer and their needs. Thank you Katie for starting such an awesome line!!"  -Margaret S. Boston, MA.

"I especially love the sugar scrub I bought.  It leaves your feet so soft.  We just had my son's wedding and before my granddaughter painted my toenails, I gave myself a pedicure starting the peppermint sugar scrub.  Amelia and Ashlyn are coming for a few days visit in a week or so and I am going to surprise them with the bath balls for Ashy and the child size scented eye pad for Amelia who sometimes has trouble going to sleep.  Love that your products are all natural and smell so good.   For her birthday, I gave my new daughter-in law of all these products.  What a nice gift it makes.  Keep up the good work Katie."  -Diane C, Niantic, CT

"I enjoyed the bath bomb so much! It rocks."  -Constance K, Waterford, CT

"These natural products so wonders for my skin. So much better than anything I've ever found in a store."  -Andy A, Chicago, IL

"My favorite Katie's Goddess Line product is the Bath Bomb. It's so silky and softening in the tub. Makes bathing a bigger treat and the tiny toys tucked inside make me feel younger still." -Barbara H. Niantic, CT

"Katie's eye pillow is amazing. I've mainly freeze it seeing as its summer and I'm usually hot when I get home. it makes me feel so relaxed. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to relieve stress from their day."  -Eric K. Storrs, Connecticut 

"It's really good stuff, the Whipped Shea Creme. So glad I bought it. I will buy again!"  -Jesse M, Niantic, Connecticut

"I really appreciate your product. I bought bath bombs for my daughter-in-law and she loves them. Thank you."  -Lisette L, Canada

"As an upcoming Certified Reflexologist the pillows that Katie has made for me truly help in my reflexology sessions. The eye pillow is soothing and relaxes my clients and the warm belly pillows contribute to grounding while adding warmth! These pillows Katie has provided not only enhances my work sessions, it also offers a beautiful scent in the air- warm or cool these pillows are a must! Thank you Katie!"  -Sally K, Norwich, Connecticut

"Katie's handmade body oils are such a rich delightful treat for my skin this winter! The blend of coconut oil and castor oil is uniquely nourishing and is so moisturizing to put on before or after my evening shower. I LOVE the balsam fir and lavender scent as it is very calming to the senses. Katie also packaged my two bottles of body oil up in a lovely gift bag which included some thorough information on the handmade products and the benefits of using them. I highly recommend trying out any of Katie's handmade products because you know you will be receiving great quality and lots of love!"  -Jessica Z, Waterford, Connecticut

"I brought Katie's eye pillows with me to Kripalu, and used them for Savasana at the end of the yoga classes.  I loved smelling the wonderfully blended herbs while relaxing and meditating.  They also felt very cooling and soothing on my eyes.  I ended up using them in my room as well, just to relax between activities, and loved how refreshed I felt after."  -Danielle, Waterford, Connecticut

"Katie's body massage oils have helped my sinus headaches and help me to fall asleep feeling secure and relaxed. The lavender pillow helps my lower back pain significantly. I also like to sleep with it since it smells so good. My husband even sleeps better having the aroma reach him. I absolutely love the products I have and look forward to getting more!  Katie's oils and pillows are comforting and therapeutic on many levels."  -Maura H, West Hartford, Connecticut

"I love Katie's whipped shea cream! I have the rosemary and balsam fir scent which is kind of woodsy and a really pleasant scent. One of the things I like about it is that a little goes a long way, unlike some products where you need a lot to cover your skin. I also love that fact that all of the ingredients are safe...thank you Katie!"  -Nancy, Waterford, Connecticut

"Products are amazing. Such high quality, maintain long lasting hydration, and smell amazing. Glad to find a product I know is safe for my body and supports a Connecticut local business!"  -Erin S, New Britain, Connecticut

"I tried Katie's hand sanitizing oil and loved it! It smelled wonderful and my hands felt fresh and moisturized for hours!"  -Jen, Newington, Connecticut

"I love these products! The massage oils are so hydrating with such a great scent and I love keeping eye pillows near my bed for lavender scent and a cooling, relaxing feel when I can't sleep! Plus Katie is awesome! Just bought a ton of stuff that made for great gifts! Everyone loves it!!"  -Karen F, West Jordan, Utah

"I ordered the Citrus Dream body oil.  After the first use, my skin looked and felt 100% better. It is easy to use, and my skin texture continues to improve with each use. I have a 'feeling of wellness' with this product."  -Marie, Niantic, Connecticut

"A good day starts with Katie's yoga class, followed by a shower and applying her whipped shea creme all over! I rub some between my palms and then it feels like silk when applied. The scents are amazing! Hours later my skin still feels silky! Can't wait to try more of your products. Thanks Katie!"  -Kim, Niantic, Connecticut

"I've been using Katie's Goddess Shea Creme for about a month on my hands which have some sun damage. It has helped tremendously. No more red and rough spots and it smells great!! This makes them soft and the redness has disappeared. Love it!!"  -Gail G, Groton, Connecticut

"I have bought two Lavender Pillows, one of which I use at Savasana (Yoga resting pose) which I absolutely love. I also use the Lavender pillow at nighttime to ease myself into sleep. Katie has also made a Lavender Sugar Scrub for me which is wonderful, as well as the Lavender Body Lotion. Both of these skin products are fabulous for hydrating dry skin."  -Jillian, Niantic, Connecticut

"Katie's large lavender heat pad arrived nicely wrapped with a note explaining all the uses and ingredients. Its so simple to just pop it in the microwave and use. I felt the soothing heat radiate through my stiff back immediately and the smell of the lavender put me in a relaxing mood. I was really impressed with how long it stayed warm. I can't wait to try more of her items. Thanks Katie."  -Teai L, Bronx, New York

"As a male customer, and considering that most natural skin care products are marketed towards women, I can advocate for Katie's body wash in the Woodland Escape scent. I instantly fell in love with the earthy, piney aroma that enveloped me when I scrubbed myself with this creamy, nourishing soap (especially considering that Rosemary is pretty much my favorite smell and is amazing on skin!) If you have any dry skin at all, THIS is the soap you need. I only wish it would lather up a bit more, as I had to use it a bit more generously than I expected. However, it definitely did the job and left my skin silky smooth, much more so than the soap I make at home! Also, Katie is a compassionate and radiant individual who is a pleasure to do business with!"  -Kevin G, Southington, Connecticut

"I just purchased 3 gift baskets. The recipients are in heaven and love everything they got. Scrubs, shea butter, body wash, eye pillows and bath bombs. Go Katie Ziskind!"  -Eva Marie C, Niantic, Connecticut 

"I have to tell you, I just used the snickerdoodle sugar scrub in my shower and it was absolute to die for!! " -Jenna P, New London, CT

"I just wanted to let you know that I love your shea butter! My skin has never looked or felt better! Thank you again." -Mary Ann, Connecticut

"My daughter loves her eye pillow and keeps it by her bed :) Thank you!!!!"  -Julie B, Old Lyme, CT

"Tropical Coconut is Amazing! The tropical coconut massage oil is so summery and soothing. I've used it on my body and hair and it's left my body soft and helped me manage how dry my hair gets in the summer. I adore the scent and love using it to relax at the end of the day. The sugar scrubs is so soft and soothing! I purchased the lavender mint scrub and it is heavenly. The scrub gently exfoliates and the natural oils nourish your skin. After using it, my skin was incredibly soft and soothed. I can't stop sniffing my hands because the mint is so clarifying and the lavender so calming. It's perfectly natural and a nice simple way to look after your body."  -Sharon M, Groton, CT

"I met Katie at Duck Day in Naugatuck, CT when I was representing Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire. I bought both toothpastes and a massage oil.  I then ordered another mint toothpaste and a sugar scrub from her website. Katie's products are amazing!  The toothpaste (both clean mint and chocolate mint) leave the mouth clean and refreshed and there is *never* a pasty film when I wake up in the morning."  -Mia C, Connecticut, Front Gate Manager Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire


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